Thought Mar 2020

Due to a lack of resources and at-home media production during COVID-19, coupled with a huge demand for digital marketing as brands come to solely rely on it, I expect we’ll see a surge in creativity. Take away what were the key financial differentiators in high-end marketing and we’re left with a more open playing field.

Product Feb 2020

An AI/algorithm that automates the iterative phase of the product design process. Using usability testing analytics such as heat maps, the AI could learn from results and rapidly place/reorder/move UI elements to increase usability. “One should expect any repetitive job that doesn’t involve unexpected situations or social interactions to get automated.”

Moonshot Jan 2020

Find a way to capture the energy generated by natural wildfires and put it onto the grid. This could even be used as a potential way to help fight them.

Business Jan 2020

Our existing road infrastructure was built for human drivers, however, it’s not as effective for autonomous cars/robots. Autonomous cars can be tricked into speeding by simply changing a speed limit road sign — this feels unsafe. Building on the earlier idea of enhancing our surroundings, we could do the same for roads. Instead of having numbers on a road sign, use a digital chip that communicates with vehicles. Just like the cat-eye is used as a very reliable and persistent signifier, create something that can communicate in the same way with robots.

Product Jan 2020

An in-home contained microclimate for keeping compost. Keeping compost in small, city apartments is difficult. How could this be solved and help people be more sustainable in cities? Turn it into the soil for houseplants.

Creative Jan 2020

A documentary on the furniture movers in New York. These people are insane and deserve some recognition.

Investment Oct 2019

Buy property in Montreal. Third AI hub after silicon valley and NYC. Google just opened up shop there for ‘Stadia.’

Thought Sep 2019

Apple U1 chip allows for accuracy in its spacial awareness. Think about ways you can help all this new technology (autonomy, AR devices, IoT etc) be better by enhancing the surroundings as well. Everyone is focused on building for the devices themselves but what if there was a way to enhance them from the outside. E.g placing NFC chips everywhere that help devices recognize their whereabouts.

Creative Aug 2019

Portrait series of dogs/pets holding humans on leads. Reverse the scale so that the animals are larger. Show different types of animals and how they match their owners.

Product Jun 2019

Blue-collar workers or ‘tradies’ have no platform to showcase their work history or find new opportunities. Think about vertical ‘service’ marketplaces. Also the shift into the gig-based economy. Create a more dynamic workforce for construction rather than hiring a sole company and relying on them to be good at every facet of the project. It could create a ‘freelance’ model for builders, electricians, and plumbers.

Product Mar 2019

Turn sports players within a league into tokenised online assets that carry value. E.g the better the player, the bigger their market cap within the associated currency. Each league would have its own version of the currency (NBAcoin, NFLcoin etc) and players within that league be allocated a specific amount of the overall market cap. Teams or clubs have a specific amount of currency to spend on players. Or you could create a ‘fantasy’ version of the league and trade players based on that value. Creating an entirely different league that mimics the real league but where players buy and trade players.

Business Jan 2019

Use reinforcement learning by getting someone to continuously select their preferred image from a set within a context such as ‘summer clothes.’ Using image recognition coupled with Google’s backward search API will give an endless stream of images for learning. Frame the public-facing app as a ‘character builder’ — helping people understand their style mixed with professionals that have good taste. Use this data to make a super analytical brand that builds on that. In-store transparency around sales etc. The brand could offer a range of fabrics and base ‘patterns’ the consumers choose from. Just like Squarespace makes everyone a web-designer, the brand could make everyone a fashion designer. Opening up the black box of garment production to everyone. A nice touch could be a subtle print saying “Made by Hamish.”

Product Jan 2019

Healthy supplement lollies. Milk bottle lolly has protein etc. Vitamin jelly babies etc. Could do a food truck but with lollies... Bit creepy maybe.

Thought Nov 2018

AI/ML trained by synthetic data sets (rendering virtual images, objects, 3D environments etc). No Mans Sky approach to training AI. Procedurally generate variants of a use case and feed it through an AI algorithm. Bake the correct annotation into the images to save time and labor-intensive manual annotation of the datasets.

Product Sep 2018

Workstation. Think about the way I use Apple Notes as a workstation but combine that with Collective[I]’s deal rooms. A place where you can narrate your schedule and what you need to do. In the example of a sales opportunity — get multiple people on board, drag emails in, create to-dos and assign them to people — create teams within a workstation. Drag and drop interface like notes.

Product Jul 2018

Persona builder. A tool that figures out businesses and/or product persona. This can be done through ML on existing company communications and through getting them to fill out some sort of questionnaire. Use dating apps personality builders as inspiration. Questions such as “what sort of shoes would it wear?”. Once the persona is built, employees can use our product to generate copy/text for specific use cases. By telling our tool the context of the needed content it could write consistent copy for the entire company across all channels. E.g for a product you could allow a dev to say this is a pop up with a negative tone etc. kind of building a design system but for text.

Business Jun 2018

Making retirement attractive. Creating the same vibe a student gets going into a uni hostel as someone should when they go into a retirement home. Taking ideas from eastern culture and how they respect elders. It's social and enjoyable for oldies. Make it seem that way.

Product Apr 2018

Payments solution for the pacific Asia region. POS for Asia to get them cash free but also provide a smartphone solution to paying. Comes as a bundle, own the method of paying and the product used to accept. Can another phone accept a payment using NFC? Could you pay for an item by tapping phones together?? That way you would just need to build a merchant app and a payments app, no need for hardware.

Thought Mar 2018

Take digital software design/build principles and methodologies and apply then to other industries and/or vice-versa. E.g Git forking when building a house, create a copy of the house and build a segment onto it. This could go as far as building an AI that learns cross-industry at a holistic level.

Product Feb 2018

Trendy hearing aids.

Business Dec 2017

Make parachutes household items for people that live in apartments.

Product Nov 2017

Blockchain-based collaborative property investment. Allow people to invest in the NZ property market without having to save up 1000’s for a deposit.

Business Nov 2017

Benefit corporation legal model. A company that values transparency, social benefit and well-being while being profitable.

Product Oct 2017

Financial speculation graph. Focused around cryptocurrencies. Because the fluctuation in currency value is primarily from speculation if there was a way to scrape social, news and other forms of ‘chatter’ and turn this into an analytical score it would help in predicting investment opportunities. One example would be to make a list of 20 crypto influencers and score their sentiment on a currency. This would help people see whether the attitude is bearish or bullish.

Product Jul 2017

Try on clothes in AR. Provide eCommerce retailers with 3rd party API they can plug into that lets users point their phones at the mirror and place the item of clothing on them.

Business Mar 2017

Electric boats.

Thought Jan 2017

Internationalization. Blockchain (bitcoin/cryptocurrency), social media, Transferwise borderless, Monzo, UN, EU, accessibility of travel, global warming, collaborative networks. Minimise the hindrance of having differences across independent countries. Find an issue in those differences and solve it with technology.

Thought Jun 2016

Start a weekly email, or LinkedIn post, emphasizing the importance of having a basic understanding of technology regardless of your profession. Offer 5 curated free tutorials, posts, videos etc (1 for each workday of the week) every Sunday. Each week should have a theme, it should apply to everyone. Curate the vast landscape of technological content available online and share it with people that are unlikely to normally read about it.

Thought Apr 2016

The age of the freelancer. Think about how freelancers are replacing full-time employees. How do we create an ecosystem for freelancers across industries that aren’t currently adopting the freelancing method of employment? Currently, there's an influx of recruiters that are trying to utilize networking sites to match people with jobs. What about people matching themselves with projects.. think about the fact that by 2020 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers.

Thought Mar 2016

Problem: Business internal hierarchy and the inefficiency of corporate decision making. Think of a way to solve this. Too much effort goes into management, planning, organizing, meetings etc within a business. The actual level of production is low. Can technology replace management and organizers by controlling staff?

Product Mar 2016

Recommended real estate software. Write algorithms based on recent house prices, market fluctuation etc that match specific buyer’s needs and then scrapes online house listings to recommend. This would be ‘smart purchasing’ and would allow a user to look at hot areas etc without having that ‘local’ knowledge. Eg with the case of NZ it would allow foreigners to look into the market from abroad and invest.

Creative Feb 2015

Jonah Lomu tribute website.

Product Feb 2015

A way of categorizing social groups. Like the idea behind ‘clique.’ Think about the difficulty of meeting people similar to yourself in foreign countries or cities. If there was a ‘smart’ way of placing users into groups without asking them directly what their interests are. Maybe connect established social channels and then reiterate or confirm what we have learned about the individual. An interesting approach to this might ask them a question like ‘choose a pair of shoes.’ With a flexible API, this service could be used as persona validation when companies are hiring. This could be pitched like so: “everyone now has a degree, certification or some sort of formal training. The technological hiring process is rigorous in checking these details but skips over one crucial factor, personality.”

Business Dec 2014

EX (employee experience) specialist company for large corporations looking to transform the ‘vibe’ internally.

Product Oct 2014

Sales based social network for reps and companies that emphasizes success. Giving businesses and their reps the opportunity to show off and compete while tracking sales progress.

Business Oct 2014

Mens underwear delivery service (B2C). Nice affordable and high quality underwear.

Business Oct 2014

A company that focuses on overcoming the barrier between architects and builders. Potentially offering an amalgamated service of both professions.

Product Jul 2014

An online service that matches startups with established businesses. Businesses looking to purchase boutique products or startups looking for a service.